Ariadne's thread

From time to time, on this blog, there is a chain of two or more postings, with later postings directly continuing a line of thought from an earlier one. It's not always easy to detect which postings belong together in this way, especially if you came via a search engine. (And of course it doesn't help that blog postings appear in reverse order of writing, with the latest on top.) What's worse, even if you're subscribed to the posts, you may get lost, because I tend to slide in unrelated posts even while in the middle of a line of thought.

So, to guide orientation, I provide a list of topics here with links to their parts — in correct order.

(This doesn't cover everything on this blog, not even all posts that have some connection with each other; it covers only those chains where a single text is distributed over several separate postings.)

The basic ideas behind this blog, and central terms

The overall Introduction to this blog • The varieties of unreality surveys the forms of unreality • Reflection and imagination • Sedimentation of unreality

Reflections about this blog itself

The overall Introduction to this blog • Phenomenologizing explains why it's called a phenomenlogy of the unreal • Unreal Vertigo reflects on the visual motto of this blog • Layers of study

Eros and beauty in Plato's Symposium

The notion of beauty

Myth as a form of unreality in Plato's Phaedrus